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Here at Bradley Mechanical, your feedback is very important to us. Without your feedback we wouldn’t be able to make sure that we are providing exceptional service 100% of the time. Please take some time to see how some of our customers rated their experience in doing business with us below.

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William B. Lee

Chesterfield, VA

I called your technician, Matt, on Sunday, August 2 at 8:00 in the AM and explained to him that my air conditioning was not working and that I suffer from advanced COPD and am on oxygen at home.  He was so diligent, and attentive to my special needs that, he was there and, had my problem fixed by 11:30AM.

I want to thank and commend Matt, and your entire company for making me a priority.  I would not have been in good breathing shape by the end of the day with-out air conditioning.  But, thankfully I made the right call.  And, called your company.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kitty Sell, Roger Sell, Elaine Sell

Richmond, VA

To Brandon and Brad,

Years ago we paid for our daughter to have a heating/cooling system put in her house shortly after she bought it. Her realtor recommended a person. The nightmare began. I won’t go into details but it was a horrible experience…anxiety producing for all of us. The system was all wrong.  I am sure Jason mentioned this. The house was left a mess. When my daughter called Bradley to come and look at all of this mess…telling us…Bradley is good…we thought o.k.  The first good experience was meeting Jason.  This man is so thorough in taking time to explain everything, amazingly knowledgeable and a very personable.  It has been an inspiration for us to watch the two young installers, Eric and Hunter.  One day Stephen came also and was very pleasant. They are pros at what they do.  They were so polite and courteous in every way, even to the point of watching out for our 3 cats. They worked constantly and were so efficient.  They cleaned up after themselves all the time.  This blew my mind;  after the experience we had with the previous installers. Then Bill came to test the pressure in the vents or whatever you call it.  He was very personable and knew what he was doing. After the installation and testing Bill said the house got a 3.1 rating.  I may not be calling it the right term. We got acquainted with Eric and Hunter in the four days they were here and that was a pleasant experience itself;  meeting skilled, hardworking young men. I told them we would be an advertisement for Bradley.  We will tell everyone needing services such as yours about Bradley Mechanical. I had a question about the thermostat the evening they finished the installation and called Jason.  He told us from the beginning if you have a question, call me. He handled it immediately on the phone explaining everything to me and then said he’ll be there tomorrow. And, today he arrived early.   We all are so so grateful, happy, and relieved.  We know now we have the best system and had the best company to install it.

Thank you,

Colleen L. Anders

Chester, VA

Dear Bradley Mechanical Staff,

I have meant to write a letter for many years to tell you how much I appreciate your extremely professional services and constant attention to our heating and air conditioning systems. My intentions to pass on my thanks have always been good, but my follow-through has been poor – until now. There are two very polite, young technicians outside my house checking and cleaning my air conditioner right now, so I am not going to let the opportunity slip by again to commend the technicians and your company.

If I am reading my records correctly, Bradley Mechanical installed a furnace in our house back in 2002, but it could have been earlier than that. You then installed a new air conditioning system a few years later and an LG room heating and air conditioning system when we added a new sun room to our house in 2007. When the first LG system stopped working a year later, you quickly replaced it a no cost at all to us!

The maintenance service we receive from you every six months is of the highest quality, and I believe the twice-per-year checks will ensure that the furnace and air conditioning systems will last as long as they possibly can.

I am probably most impressed with the professionalism and manners of all of your technicians, so it is evident that customer relations and service is a priority with Bradley Mechanical. I have been and elementary school educator in Chesterfield County for over 30 years and teaching the “core values” of honesty, accountability, responsibility and respect have always been as important to me as teaching reading, writing and math. It is so gratifying to speak with young adults who are courteous and respectful, and I have never met or spoken with a Bradley Mechanical technician or office professional who has not shown these qualities. The technicians always address my husband and me as “ma’am” or “sir” and are positive and energetic. I hope the staff at Bradley Mechanical knows how much this means to me, and I’m sure all of your customers are equally appreciative.

Thank you once again for your service and professionalism. I hope my husband and I are able to stay in our house for many more years, and as long as we are here, we plan to continue our relationship with Bradley Mechanical!

J. Carl Morris, A.I.A

Chester, VA

Dear Dempsey,

I just want you to know that I appreciate so much the good attention which you have given to this project. I consider it above and beyond the call of duty. It has certainly made for a comfortable building for all of the people who worship there as well as making for a very happy Architect and Building Committee Chairman. I do not know of any project that has worked any smoother and certainly you contributed to this.
Again, my sincere appreciation.

Rae & Linda Graves

Chesterfield, VA

Dear Mr. Bradley, Joel & Austin,

Linda and I cannot thank you enough for your expeditious response to our call for help on Sunday night, July 14th, when our Lennox A/C let us down again at a most inopportune moment.
Joel, thank you for assuring us that either you or Austin would be responding after my initial call to Austin was lost.
Austin, thank you for your rapid response and your ability to diagnose and repair the unit while here.
Brad, even though we were at a time of “crisis” in our simple lives, you were able to make us both laugh. We are so sorry we bothered you on your vacation, but we appreciate your immediate assistance and assurance. I wish there was some way to tell the people of this area how great your company is, because I’ve been with several companies in my 41 years down here and no one can hold a candle to Bradley Mechanical. You are the best!

Deana and Glenn Crider

Midlothian, VA

To our friends @ Bradley Mechanical,

Glenn and I cannot thank you enough for your prompt service when we saw a wet spot on our ceiling downstairs last week. We are working so hard to get ready for our son’s engagement party and did not need any additional stress!
Your people are always professional and your service is always dependable.
I had forgotten to leave a check on the table for the service and Glenn asked that we be billed for the first time – no problem. Thank you for billing us… it was simply an oversight on my part that I did not leave a check that morning rushing out to work.
Just wanted you to know how very much we appreciate your excellent customer service!

John Walker

Richmond, VA

Wow! I had an IAQ Precision Tune Up and could not believe how much more air came out of my vents. I have noticed that my system is no longer running nonstop too. Thank you for a great job!

Jerry Schultz

Richmond, VA

Your installation crew did an outstanding job putting in my new Lennox system. Everything is working perfectly and my wife and I will recommend your company to our friends.

Ms. V.H.

Richmond, VA

The Lennox Pure Air and whole house HEPA indoor air quality components you installed for us exceed our expectations. Our friends have noticed how fresh and clean our indoor is now. It feels very crisp. Thank you for your advice and the time you took to make sure we had the right equipment for our needs.


Chesterfield, VA

Your technicians installed a Lennox Pure Air in our HVAC system on a trial basis. I am pleased to report that the Pure Air has performed beyond our expectations. The odors in our home have been eliminated and the accumulations of dust have been significantly reduced. We highly recommend the Pure Air!


Richmond, VA

Your installers were great! Thank you for the Pure Air unit and the professional installation. I am sure we will benefit greatly from this filtration system and relieve the allergy issues both my wife and I have. Look forward to having you service our heating and cooling system.


Richmond, VA

After the installation of my 2 Pure Airs, I was finally able to sleep through the night for the first time in ages. I have asthma and it causes me lack of sleep. Thanks for providing something that even my doctors couldn’t provide!


Richmond, VA

Thanks for a great job with my new Lennox heat pump and especially, the Pure Air. I could tell the difference the next morning as soon as I woke up. I love not being able to smell the cats.


Richmond, VA

My husband is a chain smoker and our house smelled like cigarettes all of the time, until we installed a Lennox Pure Air. Now, when friends come by they can not even tell there is a smoker in the house. What an awesome product! I am telling everyone I know about this product.


Richmond, VA

We built a brand new home and just recently moved in. I was shocked when there was no new home smell. I mean there were no odors of any kind. After asking Mr. Bradley why, he informed me that the Pure Air and the ventilation system had removed all of those odors and that the “new house” smell was from VOC’s which were not healthy to breathe. Since I have a new baby, I thank God we took his advice and installed the Pure Air.

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