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Electrical Services

Electrical Services

At Bradley Mechanical, we can help with a wide range of home electrical services. We serve clients in the Central Virginia area and bring over 50 years of experience. Our technicians provide the best customer service and are focused on working efficiently and effectively. Below is a list of all the electrical services we offer:

Accent Lighting and Spot Lights
Enhance the atmosphere of any room with an accent or spot light — or use them as landscape fixtures.

Air Conditioning Wiring
No matter what type of air conditioning equipment you have, our technicians can wire your unit quickly and effectively.

Arc Fault Circuit Breakers
These advanced circuit breakers can break your circuit when it detects any dangerous electric arc, which can help prevent electrical fires.

Automatic Standby Generators
Keep your power on during an outage. The generators hook up outside of the house and can come on within seconds of a power outage.

Automatic on/off Lighting
Looking to set up automatic light systems that can be activated by motion and sunlight? Our team has you covered.

Bath Fans
Vent fans serve an important function in the bathroom by removing humid air. This can prevent mold and mildew from forming.

Buzzing or Hot Outlets
You should never ignore a buzzing or hot outlet. This may mean a connection is loose or the outlet is bad. Our team can quickly troubleshoot and fix the issue.

Ceiling Fans
Our technicians can help with installing new ceiling fans, fixing your current one, or swapping out fans.

Code compliance and corrections
If your building does not reach a suitable electrical standard, our technicians can work to get everything up to code.

Computer cabling
We can help set up new computers or help with existing cable issues.

Dedicated computer circuits and Surge Protection
We’ll protect important circuits from power surge damage.

Bradley Mechanical’s technicians can help you have total control over your lighting by installing dimmers.

Dusk to Dawn Lighting
Using photocell activated light bulbs, we can create fixtures that activate light at dusk and turns it off at dawn.

Electric Heat
Convert electricity into heat for air temperature control, cooking, and water heating.

Electrical Service Upgrades
Upgrade your existing electrical service panel to add capacity for more power to run air conditioners, computer equipment, high-definition televisions, and high-tech home automation devices.

Exhaust Fan Timers
Turn off your exhaust fan in a timely manner and save energy.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters
These devices will shuts off an electric power circuit when it detects that current is flowing through an unintended path.

Hot Tub Wiring
We can install your new hot tub or fix any existing issues.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting
We can help create the lighting atmosphere you want both inside and outside your home.

Landscape Lighting
Keep your home exterior well lit with landscape lighting.

Motion Sensor Lights
Our team can install motion detecting lights both inside and outside your home.

New Circuits
We can help you run electricity to more parts of your home whether it’s going into an existing room or a renovation.

New Construction
Give our team a call to help with the electrical side of new construction. We’ll get everything up and running to the highest standard.

New Receptacles and Switches
Want to add more outlets to a room? Our team can help. We are also able to add new switches that control different lights.

Underground Services
We can perform underground services that do not interfere with other wiring systems.

Programmable Lighting
Setup a lighting control system for your entire home.

Range and Dryer Wiring
We can correctly set up appliances or handle existing wiring problems.

Recessed Lighting
We’ll create a natural light atmosphere by installing light fixtures into openings in the ceiling.

Replacement of Old Fuse Panels
Most old fuse panels have enough problems to need a replacement. We can safely and effectively get rid of the old fuses panel and install new ones.

Smoke and C02 Detectors
We can set up smoke and C02 detectors, as well as troubleshoot issues with existing ones.

Tripped Circuits
If a circuit shuts off, it is always good to take the time to understand why it tripped before turning it back on.

Do you have an electrical problem, but you’re not sure of the root issue? Our technicians can help identify and solve your home electrical issues.

Under Cabinet Lighting
We’ll install easy to use lights underneath your cabinets.

Whole House Surge Protection
Protect the entire house in the event of a surge.

Our team specializes in electrical services for residential properties. We’ll help you get your home running to the highest standard.

If you are building or adding an addition onto your home, we can wire and hook up electrical services as needed.

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