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Crawlspace Sealing

Crawl Space Sealing in Richmond, Virginia

Bradley Mechanical is your trusted source for HVAC services. Our technicians are highly recommended in the Central Virginia area. We offer a variety of home performance services, including crawl space sealing. This is a cost-effective strategy to increase the performance of your home.

Why Seal a Crawl Space?

Problems that begin in a crawl space can impact your entire home. If you are looking for a cost-effective strategy to increase your building efficiency, we recommend sealing the crawl space. If there is a mechanical system and distribution system in the crawl space, then it becomes even more imperative to have this work done. Unfortunately, some buildings are still built over vented crawl spaces. We can, therefore, think of the crawl space as a mini-basement and maintain it as such — and you wouldn’t want to have holes in your basement.

How Do We Seal a Crawl Space?

There are basically three levels to sealing a crawl space. The first level makes the space dry and airtight by adding a thick vapor barrier on the ground. This is sealed to the walls and seams and well overlapped. All of the vents are blocked, any hatches addressed, and an RH monitor is placed inside.

The second level is known as an “encapsulated” crawl space. This is very similar to the first one, but the vapor barrier runs all the way up the entire surface of the foundation walls.

The third level or the “conditioned” crawl space is the highest level of sealant. The vapor barrier comes six inches up the wall, and the rest of the surface area is covered with two inches of closed cell foam. In some counties, a continuous termite strip is required.

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