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Air Conditioning Installation Richmond & Central Virginia

If you are looking for an air conditioning installation company in Richmond VA, surrounding communities, and throughout all of Central Virginia, you’ve come to the right place! Bradley Mechanical can help with the setup of any new AC unit. We are also your Lennox preferred HVAC dealer in Richmond and Central Virginia. So if you need affordable and quality AC installation, let us earn your business today by calling now.

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can help you throughout the entire process. This means helping you find the right HVAC system to properly cool your home to installing your brand new AC system. We are the trusted brand name you can rely on to get the job done.

We take great pride in our air conditioning installation services. Because of all days in the life of your cooling system, the most important is the day your HVAC System is installed. This means we follow a rigorous and thorough process to ensure that your system not only performs perfectly right out of the box but that it also doesn’t fail prematurely due to faulty setup or just plain sloppy work.

Bradley Mechanical HVAC Installation Process:

First, we make sure to braze the outdoor and indoor coils. This way we can purge the system with nitrogen to prevent oxidation. This is a very important step because it prevents contaminates from restricting refrigerant flow. Whenever contaminants are present in your cooling line it can cause clogging of the compressor, expansion valves, and other components that often lead to premature AC system failure. This is why we take great care during the install process to ensure longevity and efficiency with your new air conditioning unit.

Second, we make sure to pressurize your system correctly. Pressurizing with nitrogen at the right levels will continue to allow the system to remain dry and clear of contaminations during the AC installation process.

Third, we perform a vacuum of your system to remove further water and moisture. This is where most HVAC technicians fail to do their due diligence. This step is especially important because it prevents the refrigerant and moisture from mixing, which can cause your system to “freeze-up”. If this process happens due to improper vacuuming, significant damage to your expansion valves or cap tube will take place. In addition to this, whenever refrigerants and moisture mix, it also causes a chemical reaction to take place. This reaction creates acids that can corrode and form deposits in critical areas of the system causing it to fail.

At Bradley Mechanical, we take great care in the work we do for you when we install new HVAC equipment. Call today to learn more about how we can help you with a new air conditioning system installation!

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