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Air Conditioning Repair Richmond VA and Central Virginia

Air conditioning units can quickly disrupt your life when they decide to unexpectedly break on you.. With our air conditioning repair services in Richmond VA and throughout all of Central Virginia, we at Bradley Mechanical can help alleviate those frustrations and can help fix your AC system in no time. With prompt and professional care, we can be there at your time of need to get your central air and cooling working again. That’s why businesses and homeowners throughout Greater Richmond and Central VA have trusted the Bradley Mechanical name when it comes to repairing your commercial or residential HVAC systems.

Our HVAC service technicians are certified professionals who will be on time and will treat you with the courtesy and respect you deserve. Our technicians will also take the time to properly diagnose the issue, explain the problem in its entirety, and explain to you future potential risks. This way you have all the information you need in order to make an informed decision for what we need to fix or replace. Since we know most people don’t enjoy surprises, especially negative ones, we want to make sure you are always prepared for what’s ahead.

When repairing your AC system we will look at common components like your air conditioner’s compressor, condenser coil and unit, fan, coolant line, blower, and more to identify where the trouble originates from. This way we can not only pinpoint the failure, we can also look at other components to make sure they have not failed as well. This way we can try to avoid having to make multiple trips to your business or home to correct the issue the first time we come out. We know your time is important, and we respect it as well. This is why we do a thorough job to diagnose the issue so that we can repair your HVAC quickly, efficiently, and correctly when you have us at your home or business. So if you are having an HVAC emergency and your system isn’t doing its job, call the AC experts at Bradley Mechanical today!

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How much is a service call?

A service call is $99 for non-ESA customers and $69 for ESA customers.

How much is refrigerant?

Pricing for refrigerant is done on site, but you may not even need it! Let us find out first.

Why is my outdoor unit freezing up?

A few major issues could be happening if your outdoor unit is freezing up: your outdoor TXV is be broken, there is a leak in the system, or you’re void of refrigerant. There’s no way to know the exact issue without a proper diagnosis from an expert. Freezing rain may also impact the function of an outdoor unit even though the system is fine. Call us for service and turn off the system if it is freezing up.

My system is not running. What should I do?

You can check the breaker to see if it has tripped. If it has tripped, reset it. If the breaker trips again then DO NOT RESET again. Call us for service.

There is a lot of water coming from the drain. Why is this?

When your system is in air conditioning mode it will generate water. This water comes from humidity being pulled from the air inside the home. The leakier and more humid the home, the more water that will be removed from the air and drained to the outside. Do not cover or bury this drain. This will only cause many more issues.

I’m having issues with my HVAC system. What should I do?

Turn the HVAC system off and switch the fan to “on.” Call us for service immediately after doing so. Leaving the system on could prevent us from fixing it when we arrive if you have frozen indoor/outdoor coils.

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