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Faucet Repair & Installation: Richmond’s Plumbing Fixture Professionals

We understand the frustrations that come when your faucet is leaking. Pressing the handles firmly into the off position only to watch the drip continue from your faucet has an unnerving way of causing us to secretly rage inside. But don’t let your leaky faucet cause you to lose your cool. At Bradley Mechanical, we have plumbing experts ready to help when you are having problems with your faucets.

If you are having problems with your fixtures leaking, don’t worry, we can help there too! Over time, we know fixtures deteriorate and become faulty. When this occurs, you may notice condensation gathering around the fixture or you may even spot leaking coming from it too. Because we know that leaks can lead to bigger problems, like wood rot and mold if left untreated, it’s best that as soon as the leak is identified that you have a plumber help you fix the problem right away.

Upgrading faucets and fixtures is also our specialty. We can help you replace faucets and fixtures either when they are damaged beyond repair or if you simply wish to upgrade them to fit your style. Regardless of your need, Bradley Mechanical can help. Our plumbing technicians can assist with designing and installing new kitchen and bathroom faucets, and can also help you upgrade other plumbing fixtures to give you the look and feel you’ve always wanted.

So whether you have a leaky faucet, water spraying from your plumbing fixtures, or if it’s time to upgrade, we can help! With design capabilities, superior products, and quality workmanship, our plumbing professionals are who you can trust. Bradley Mechanical is your certified plumbing experts who have been providing HVAC and plumbing services in the Richmond VA community and throughout all of Central Virginia for nearly 50 years! So if you have faulty faucets, leaky fixtures, and anything above and beyond, call us today and “We’ll Get You Outta The Fix You’re In!”

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