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Solving Drafts And Noises In Your Central Virginia Home

home performance indicators drafts and noises

Located in Richmond, Bradley Mechanical is your source for top quality home service. Not only do we offer solutions, but we get to the root of the problem so that issues don’t keep coming back. If you have excessive drafts or poor noise control in your home — read through our information below and learn about determining home issues.

What Causes Drafts and Poor Noise Control?

When dealing with drafts, home professionals often use the term “leaky.” That’s because warm air is literally “leaking” out of the home and being replaced with cold, low air. The factors that can affect your draft level are building height, location, and how well it is sheltered from the wind.

If a home is “leaky” this can also cause more air to move through it, and therefore more sound. If noise travels easily around your home it may be an issue with insulation. Walls densely packed with cellulose or batted with double sheetrock will have less noise transmission. In newer homes, insulating the interior walls has become standard practice, which can have a great deadening effect.

Get the “Draft Test”

Bradley Mechanical can run a Draft Test to determine how “leaky” your home may be. Our test uses a computer program to determine how big the accumulative holes are in your home down to the square inch. Contrary to popular belief, 90 percent of drafts do not come from around windows in doors. In fact, draft and noise levels are more related to how well a house is sealed and insulated.

Remember, nine out of ten homes are leakier than they need to be. Get in touch with Bradley Mechanical to learn more about solving draft and noise issues in your home.

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