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Excessive Dust

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Does Excessive Dust Cause Discomfort In Your Home?

If you’ve noticed excessive dust in your home, it’s time to give Bradley Mechanical a call. You’ll breathe easier knowing that a highly-skilled technician is delivering the best solution for your home. There are many reasons for excessive dust in the air. At Bradley Mechanical, we offer comprehensive services that can determine and solve your HVAC issues.

Home Tests

Our highly skilled technicians can run a Home Test to pinpoint the specific issue that is causing the dust in the air. With this test, we can determine where the dust may be coming from and what the major sources and transport mechanisms are.

Our top concern is when there is lots of carpeting present, which can attract and hold dust molecules. Sometimes we detect that the particles in the air are not dust but fiberglass from connective spaces like crawl spaces and attics.

In some cases, having the ducts cleaned does not alleviate the issue — in fact, they can be the culprit of pushing in more dust. If the ducts have not been tested, then simply cleaning them can become part of the ongoing issue.

Causes of Excessive Dust

  • Poor filtration schemes
  • Clogged filters
  • Wrong kind of filters
  • Duct runs without blocking in place
  • Leaking ducts
  • Leaking chimney
  • Excessive lint
  • Holes in the shell
  • Recessed lights

Services You Can Trust

At Bradley Mechanical, we often deal with conditions that have been made worse by contractors taking shortcuts. Our technicians are trusted by our customers to provide honest and effective service. If you had a contractor use your building cavities as supply or return ducts — this could be adding to the problem, rather than solving it.

Get in touch with Bradley Mechanical to hire a reliable technician that can work with you and your home to reduce excessive dust.

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