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High Energy Bills

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We Can Help Lower High Energy Bills

home performance indicators high energy bills

At Bradley Mechanical we are dedicated to providing sustainable services that act in the best interest of our customers and their home. Every time we perform a home service, we make smart decisions based on efficiency and cost.

If you have energy bills that seem too high — we can help you troubleshoot issues and make adjustments to lower your monthly bill.

What causes a high energy bill?

High energy bills are most often the result of several factors. Usually, our technicians can pinpoint where your energy overage is coming from, but we realize that we only are getting a snapshot in time of a customer’s energy use.

Usually, by asking the right questions and being extremely observant one can deduce what is behind the high bill complaint.

Discover your energy profile

It’s important to understand how your home usage stacks up against others of similar size. As a general rule of thumb, you can total energy usage for an entire year by estimating $1.20 per square foot per year.

Of course, if you use an expensive volatile fuel like oil or live in a heat dominated climate — your usage may be higher than normal. In Richmond, Virginia, homeowners spend four to five times as much on heating than on cooling. Even if you heat with wood and get it for “free” you would still need to figure the cost of the wood and corresponding BTU usage.

The most important part of your overall profile are the three separate areas of energy usage: heating, cooling, and baseload. The first two are pretty self-explanatory. Your Baseload is a compilation of the things that require energy usage all year round such as lights, refrigeration, water heating, and other incidental appliances.

Calculate your baseload by averaging your lowest two months during normal shoulder seasons (when there is no heating or cooling). Once you’ve created a good energy profile, you can begin to make an analysis of the square footage and the house make up. Generally speaking, the more people the higher the baseload.

Take Control of Your Energy Bill

Get in touch with Bradley Mechanical to hire a reliable technician that can work with you and your home to lower energy usage.

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