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Attic Sealing Experts in Richmond Virginia

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Attic air sealing is one of the best ways to reduce energy costs in your home. Heat rises and the attic is where it will rise when there are leaks and hole penetrations. When sealing an attic, all insulation is removed along with any flooring. Once this is done, a visual inspection of all leaks and penetrations are done to identify the problem areas. We start by foam sealing the most common leak areas, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC wire and piping holes. Contractors use the attic to conceal all the wiring, piping, and ductwork. Very few seal the holes that their materials go through, leaving many spots for hot and cool conditioned air to be lost. We seal these areas with a 2-part foam along with sealing all band boards, flues, chimneys, and lights. These are some of your biggest leaks in the home. Even when the house itself is being built, the contractors rarely seal the wall plates, joists, attic hatch, knee walls, light penetrations, and so on. By air sealing your attic, you can stop many major air leaks and help to maintain the desired temperature throughout your home. Combined with attic insulation, air sealing can drastically  lower your energy bills

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