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Insulation Installation

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Get Your Insulation Installed By A Professional

At Bradley Mechanical, we prioritize the best methods and equipment for installing insulation that lasts. Insulation is an important part of keeping your home at the right temperature and keeping your energy bill low. Learn more about the installation process and our services below.

Installing Insulation

Insulation commonly comes in rolls, and the pre-cut, thick pieces of insulation are known as “batts.” It can come in two forms: big sheets of rigid foil-faced insulation or Dow Styrofoam. These are open and closed cell, which can air seal and insulate at the same time. When installing, it can be either densely packed in the walls or open blown as is the case with cellulose, chopped fiberglass, and rockwool. All of these materials have specific attributes in terms of R-value: fire resistance, moisture absorption, etc. A good home performance company such as Bradley Mechanical will employ a variety of good-fit materials for a particular installation.

At Bradley Mechanical, we use three marks of quality on the materials in the installation. They must be well-defined, aligned with the pressure boundary, and continuous. Interested in scheduling a service call or receiving a free quote from Bradley Mechanical?

Get in touch. We use a flat rate price to ensure that the job costs what is quoted, no surprise charges.

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