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Save Energy With The Infilatrometer Blower Test

Infiltrometer Blower Door Testing

Bradley Mechanical is Central Virginia’s trusted source for HVAC services. Our home performance tests can determine the underlying cause of issues in your residence. If your heating and cooling bill seems high or the building is drafty then an Infiltrometer Blower Test may help solve your problem.

Why Do We Use This Test?

The infiltrometer or “blower door” test was developed after building scientists discovered that even well-insulated homes could have high insulated energy. Homes must be built tight with no room for air leaks and drafts. That means it’s important to understand how to control the movement of air as a transport mechanism for heat and moisture. This test helps us understand airflow and helps us uncover issues. Through the infiltrometer test, our technicians can find and fix the biggest holes that are making your home drafty.

Bradley Mechanical is dedicated to offering services such as this test which can prevent high monthly fees. Low-income families spend proportionately more money on heating and cooling costs than any other sector of society. This can equate to 30 to 35 percent of disposable income. Lower your bill by calling Bradley Mechanical.

How Does The Test Work?

The “door” is set up in a central location in the HVAC system. All of the exterior windows and doors must be closed with interior doors open. Fuel-burning appliances are turned off and fireplaces are closed. We turn off all fans including the dryer and bring the house up to 50 pascals — the industry standard for measuring house leakage.

The fan will mimic a twenty mile an hour wind blowing on all sides. The volume is determined, and a computer program compares how much air is passing through the fan, which indirectly measures the size of any holes. Through this data, we determine the building airflow standard for providing good air quality and minimizing excessive drafts.

Building Airflow Standard

The building airflow standard is usually determined by the volume of the home, it’s height, and location in the US. This is the baseline that our technicians will go above and beyond to attain in your home.

Get in touch with Bradley Mechanical to learn more about having an Infiltrometer Barometer Test completed in your home.

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