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Insulation Is Important.

Bradley Mechanical is Richmond’s trusted HVAC specialist. Our technicians bring the best training and practices to the table and offer quality services to residents of Central Virginia. Read below to learn more about our process for conducting an insulation review.

What Does An Insulation Review Accomplish?

Bradley Mechanical’s review will evaluate if any insulation flaws are present and what is needed to fix them. We undertake a thorough investigation in all accessible ceiling, floor, and wall areas. We will make a fair and accurate assessment of the insulation type, age, and R-value (a material’s ability to resist heat). A second insulation review determines whether the insulation is in the right place, if it can be relocated, or if a new material needs to be considered.

We provide complete assessments for the following parts of the building:


We will assess attics based on whether or not they are floored and if there are large storage needs. Often attic space is segmented and one side of the insulation has more requirements than the other. Equipment, ductwork, and stored items are better off in a conditioned area where the temperature does not differ more than ten degrees from the body of the house.

Floor Areas And Crawl Spaces

These spaces are often treated in the same manner. Even today, crawl space ceilings are required to be insulated. Sometimes an enclosed floor area needs to be densely packed with cellulose, such as rooms over garages. There should be insulation with every open floor area. We will investigate if there are spaces between floors that may be short-circuiting the floors above or the ceilings below. This can usually be done with a blower door test and an infrared camera.

Wall Areas

Usually, if there is little insulation in the ceiling, there will not be any insulation in the walls. Older houses with balloon framing or open wall areas (such as in split levels) will see large gains when addressed — but attics and floors often take a higher priority.

A list of general recommendations will be made for each area to create a prioritized work scope with regards what to address first, why, and how.

Get in touch with Bradley Mechanical to learn more about having an insulation review done in your home.

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