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Richmond's Heat Pump Service Experts

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While regular service and maintenance is important for any heating and air system, it’s especially important for heat pumps. Of all the heating systems, heat pumps operate on the narrowest performance margins; even the slightest decline in performance can result in a 25% loss in efficiency. If your heat pump hasn’t been serviced recently, you’re paying too much for energy.

Here in Richmond, there’s an easy way to ensure that your heat pump delivers maximum comfort for minimum cost: Expert heat pump service and maintenance from Bradley Mechanical. Every day, our certified technicians keep heating and air systems running smoothly throughout Richmond, Chesterfield, Glen Allen, Midlothian, and throughout Central Virginia. And we’ve been doing it since 1969.

We Service All Heat Pumps

Bradley Mechanical technicians can expertly diagnose, service, and repair heat pumps of every size, make, and model. No matter the heat pump, no matter the hour, you can count on us. We’re available to help 24/7, and we’ll always get the job done right. We’ve got the great reputation, the satisfied customers, and the A+ BBB rating to prove it.

Here are just some of the steps included in our heat pump inspection and service:

  • Check indoor/outdoor vents and grilles for leaks and blockages
  • Check heat exchangers for corrosion, cracks, or separations
  • Test the transfer from heating to cooling modes
  • Check and clean coils
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Check wiring for proper tightness & signs of overheating
  • Check thermostat for proper temperature readings
  • Check the air filter for restricted air flow
  • Lubricate the blower as needed

We Save Customers Money

While heat pump service isn’t free, it is a great investment. We’ve found that Richmond’s homes and businesses spend 20% too much on energy – maybe more when a faulty heat pump is involved. That’s the difference between a well-serviced heating and air system and one that isn’t. Imagine being able to save 20% on your next several energy bills – that’s a lot more than the cost of our heat pump service.

Proper service can also extend the life of your heat pump, and that’s also worth a lot. The average cost to replace a heat pump is about $5500, depending on the size of your home and particular needs. So, every extra year you can get out of your heat pump is worth hundreds of dollars; every extra year of life pushes that heat pump replacement bill farther into the future, buying you some extra peace of mind.

Start Saving Today

Once you realize the potential savings, we think you’ll agree that regular heat pump service and inspection is a great idea. So why wait? Call Bradley Mechanical to schedule your heat pump service today. We proudly serve Richmond, Chesterfield, Glen Allen, Midlothian, and nearby.

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