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Aeroseal HVAC Duct Sealing

Aeroseal connected to ducts

Aeroseal Duct Sealing

What is Aeroseal and how can it help?

Aeroseal is a company that invented an innovative new way of sealing air duct systems from the inside; it’s kind of like Fix-A-Flat for your duct system. Before Aeroseal, air duct systems were sealed by removing the existing duct insulation and applying a thick glue-like substance to all joints and connections, to seal the air duct system as a whole. Once the joints are sealed they are tested, the duct insulation is reapplied and the job is complete. With Aeroseal there is no longer a need to remove insulation and seal from the outside, which makes for a faster and cleaner sealing process. A lot of homes have ducts in the floors, walls, knee walls, or due to the home’s design they are unreachable to physically touch/seal, making traditional sealing incredibly difficult if not impossible. Thanks to Aeroseal’s innovative internal sealing method, unreachable ducts are no longer a problem. Another reason why Aeroseal is Bradley Mechanical’s preferred method for sealing is that Aeroseal builds a strong product; time-lapse testing has shown Aeroseal to last to the tests’ upper limit of ten years. One application is expected to last for the life of the house.

Benefits of Aeroseal

A Sealed Duct System makes the difference

Leaky air ducts are the main contributor to the lack of proper heating and cooling efficiency in a home. Even the most efficient and technologically advanced heating and cooling systems cannot control your homes comfort levels with a leaky air duct system. 25% to 60% of conditioned air is lost to leaky ducts and causes rooms to have inconsistent room temperatures. Those unsealed duct systems can cause varying room temperatures in a home, up to 10 degrees. Between 60% and 85% of residential homes could realize significant energy savings from duct sealing.

On average 50% of a household’s utility bill, consists of heating and cooling costs. For every one dollar spent on heating and cooling a home, about 30 cents is being lost due to leaky ducts, which are heating and cooling unconditioned areas of the home, such as a crawl space, attic or wall cavities. If every home in America sealed their duct systems it would save homeowners a combined $25 billion dollars in utility bills a year, not to mention the power industry could shut down 25 nuclear power plants.

New and old homes alike can have leaking duct systems that cost the homeowner money. This is not to mention the damage being caused to the HVAC system due to it having to work harder to heat and cool the home. Leaky ducts not only cost homeowners money, they bring in outside contaminants such as mold, dirt, dust and unconditioned air into your duct system, which ends up in your home and negatively effects indoor air quality. People with allergies or breathing problems will feel the effects of poor indoor air quality more than anyone else in the home. Leaking ducts can bring up to a staggering 10 gallons of moisture into your home’s environment in just one day alone.

Aeroseal Resource Center

Learn more about Aeroseal

If you’d rather just talk to someone about Aeroseal or duct sealing in general, we are here to help, contact us today and one of our technicians will be pleased to answer all of your questions.

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