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Indoor Air Quality Tune-Up

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Indoor Air Quality Tune-Ups

ventilation air quality tune up being completed by technician

Maintenance is the key.

Keeping your HVAC system clean is one of the most important steps you can take in regards to improving the indoor air quality (IAQ) of your home. All of the air you breathe indoors at some point passes through your systems air handler. Inside the air handler, there is an evaporator coil that looks a lot like the radiator on a car. When the cooling fins get clogged with dirt, dust and allergens, the system works harder to move air, raising energy consumption by up to 20 percent. Many odors, like the musty smell you sometimes notice in homes, start right there on the coils and fins. Most people do not think about them being dirty because they are hidden inside the box. If people could see them, they would be disgusted with their condition.

We use a safer, more effective, alternative to toxic cleaners, bleaches and solvents! Nu-Calgons Green Clean is formulated with powerful ingredients on the EPA’s Designed For Environment list of acceptable “green” materials. Green Clean is a very economical non-corrosive product formulated for total soil removal. This means we are able to cleanse your evaporator coil and condenser unit of dirt, allergens and other microscopic irritants that can make you uncomfortable and aggravate allergies and asthma. After the system maintenance is complete, we will disinfect the air handler with BBJ. This is the only EPA approved microbicide for the HVAC industry. BBJ kills everything from the Avian Flu to the common cold. This product will actively disinfect for up to 90 days, keeping your indoor air healthy by preventing the growth of microbial bacteria.

Our IAQ Tune-Ups have been proven to increase airflow by as much as 83 percent and lower energy usage by as much as 14 percent.

The Bradley Mechanical IAQ Precision Tune-Ups are a tough deal to beat. Our professional Tune-Up teams perform a multitude of services, including important safety and performance evaluations. Two visits per year will ensure that the investment you have made in your system will be protected. Systems serviced regularly are the last ones to experience unnecessary breakdowns. Semi-annual cleanings set the foundation for good indoor air quality and ensure that your air quality remains high year after year.

Do not be fooled by TV commercials that offer tune-ups at prices too good to be true. These are just flashlight inspections that will be followed with add-ons that could end up costing you $300 or more per visit!

IAQ Precision Tune Up Check List (Warm Weather Season)

  • Clean or replace filters
  • Clean condenser and evaporator coils.
  • Clean blower wheel.
  • Monitor and record refrigerant charge.
  • Verify and monitor controls. All safety tests must be completed.
  • Verify and monitor electric heat operation.
  • Verify defrost operation.
  • Verify duct integrity and airflow.
  • Check and record static pressure.
  • Oil motors when appropriate
  • Verify integrity of electrical connections.
  • Clean and inspect condensate line and drains.
  • Treat indoor coil and drain pan with MicroBiocide.
  • Apply UV protection to outdoor unit cabinet.

IAQ Precision Tune Up Check List (Cold Weather Season)

  • Clean or replace filters.
  • Pull burners and check for cracks in the heat exchanger.
  • Pull blower assembly and check bottom of heat exchanger for cracks.
  • Disassemble blower and clean blower wheel.
  • Clean and treat indoor coil and seal coil area.
  • Clean drain line.
  • Clean heat exchanger.
  • Clean burners and pilot assembly.
  • Install new thermocoupler.
  • Reinstall burners into furnace and reinstall burner cover.
  • Reassemble blower assembly.
  • Oil blower motor, if applicable.
  • Reinstall blower into furnace and restart furnace.
  • Check for flame movement when the blower comes on.
  • Check gas pressure. (3.5 wci NAT gas, 10.0 wci PROPANE.)
  • Check all safeties.
  • Inspect all electrical connections.
  • Verify and record amp draw on motors

Energy Savings Agreement

Bradley Mechanical ESA Member

Maintaining Your HVAC System is Important

Preventive maintenance is one of the most important factors to keeping your HVAC system operating at optimal efficiency. Now that you have done the maintenance tune-up, everything should be clean and back to ideal condition, right? This is where you could be wrong, many companies offer a tune-up, but only a few actually clean the equipment.

Energy Savings Agreement

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