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3 Ways Humidity is Entering Your Home

Richmond summers are known for their high humidity, but did you know this moisture could be entering your home? The main culprit is faulty ductwork. Gaps and holes can let humidity, rain, and fog find their way into your air system — and where there’s moisture, there’s mold.

Your duct system connects your entire house and is responsible for delivering the cool air from the AC to your different rooms. That means that when something wrong in the ducts, it affects your entire house. When mold and mildew are present in your ducts, they are also present in the air you breathe. This can lead to illnesses such as respiratory issues, asthma, and allergies.

Your ducts are pulling in the bad stuff, not the good stuff
Your ducts work on a system of supply and return. The supply side delivers the cooled air from your AC through the home, while the return side takes your indoor air and returns it to your central system to be cooled.

Improperly installed or connected duct systems could be supplying poor air into your home by reaching into crawlspaces and attics. These cramped, uninsulated areas are also easily affected by humidity and mold growth. Worse, these spaces are more likely to be home to insects, rodents, and wood rot.

Duct Leakage is Leaving Your Air Imbalanced
When air that is intended for your home leaks out, there is not enough clean air to supply your entire house. This leads to a negative imbalance in pressure that causes your home to pull air from bad sources. This air could come from the garage, attic, and even the crawlspace. Again, these areas contain mold and other pollutants you do not want in your air.

Moisture is Festering In Your Ducts
If you have a poor duct system, then you have little control over the amount of moisture that’s entering your home. Your system could be pulling in damp, humid air from outside. Holes and gaps could also be allowing rainwater into your vents. All this moisture leads to mold and mildew growth, which then enters your breathing air.

Bradley Mechanical Offers Expert Duct Sealing in Central VA

The best way to deal with leaking ducts is by sealing and insulating them. This process can eliminate moisture and mold growth and create a strong, sealed system for your cooled air to travel through. Bradley Mechanical uses patented Aeroseal technology to create a long-lasting solution.

Aeroseal is an airborne sealant that can close all the tiny holes and leaks in your ducts. This seal forms an air-tight barrier along the ductwork that keeps cool air from escaping, and humid air and other pollutants from entering. It will also kill any existing mold and mildew, and create a bright white finish in your air ducts.

If you live in Richmond, Glen Allen, Henrico or are located in the Central Virginia area, Bradley Mechanical can help you restore the health of your home and keep humidity out. Give us a call today at 804-748-6728 to make an investment in your home performance and indoor air quality.