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Can Your Solar Panels Stand Up to Hail?

Smashed solar panel that could be fixed by Bradley Mechanical

Here in Central Virginia, you may have noticed a few homes with solar panels on the roof. At first glance, these flat, grid-like panels may appear to be fragile. However, solar panels are made to be durable and long-lasting. Homeowners who have invested in these means of long-term, renewable energy want to protect their investment. Since solar panels go on roofs and other outdoor areas, they are made with nature in mind.

What Do Solar Panels Do?

A solar panel is a sustainable way to create energy and power for your home. These panels are made with solar cells that can absorb sunlight and transfer it into energy in the form of electricity. All it takes are several solar panels on your roof to power your entire home and completely eliminate your monthly power bill. Solar panel energy is a renewable alternative to unsustainable fossil fuels.

Solar Panels for Richmond Weather

If you’ve lived in Richmond, Henrico, or Glen Allen — you know that we’re susceptible to wind, rain, thunderstorms, and the occasional hail storm, especially in the summer months. In May 2017, severe thunderstorms led to golf-ball sized hail in the area and wind gusts up to 60 mph.

Solar panels are made of reinforced protective material like laminate or acrylic that are held together with a sturdy frame. They are meant to be as protective as traditional roofs and shingles. Wind and rainstorms should be no issue for your solar panels — however, hail can damage even the toughest roofs, not to mention solar panels.

Weatherproofing Your Solar Panels

Any hail that is larger than an inch in diameter, such as golf ball or baseball sized hail can threaten your solar panels. There are several ways to protect your panels, but the most effective method is by using a protective cover.

Protective covers are usually made of a durable, weatherproof material. Covering up your panels will prevent them from creating energy, but it will save them from damage. A cover can also increase the lifespan of your solar panels.

Another important part of protecting your panels is by adding them to your homeowners insurance. In the event that Central Virginia has a hail storm this summer, your solar panels may need only minor repairs. In some cases, a panel may need to be completely removed or replaced. Most traditional roofs usually require some repairs after a damaging hail storm. Any of these instances should be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Bradley Mechanical Specializes in Solar Panel Services

If your Virginia home faces any roof or solar panel damage this summer, you can count on Bradley Mechanical to provide long-lasting repairs. We can also help with installation and maintenance. We’ve been serving happy customers since we began in 1969. Give us a call at 804-748-6728, and we’ll get you out of the fix you’re in.