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Duct and Window Leaks

home performance test of a home duct and window leaks

One of the simplest ways to improve your home’s heating and cooling performance is by sealing air leaks around your windows, doors and air ducts. As your home settles, walls can begin pulling away from the window frames leaving gaps where air can pass through. This can make keeping your home warm in the fall and winter much harder.

Over time, when air is constantly heating and cooling your ducts, seals can become damaged or disconnected because of constant expanding and contracting. This can affect the efficiency of your HVAC system causing it to work harder and run longer.

How to Improve Home Performance

Windows and Doors

Depending on the size of the gap or crack, you will want to use weatherproof caulk or expandable foam spray to fill in air leaks. Self-adhesive foam weather stripping is also a simple and cheap method to seal around loose window sashes and doors. All of these items can be found at any local hardware or box store.


It is estimated the average home loses 20-30% of conditioned air through holes, leaks and improperly installed ductwork. If your ducts are poorly sealed or insulated, it could be costing you a lot in energy bills. It can also create air quality problems, clog your air filters faster and create hot and cold spots throughout your home. Hire one of our professional technicians to seal your ducts with our patented Aeroseal technology.

Bradley Mechanical has been serving Richmond and Central Virginia’s heating and cooling needs for decades. We offer many home performance services including duct sealing and cleaning, insulation installation and crawlspace sealing. Call us today at (804) 748-6728 to schedule your home performance evaluation and start saving money on your next energy bill.