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How the Heat Can Create a Plumbing Disaster

plumbing issue that caused an outside pipe to burst

The heat might have you worried about how your air conditioner is going to fare in rising temperatures — but that’s not the only thing that might go on the fritz this summer. Plumbing issues can also arise due to warmer temperatures (and the kids being home all the time).

Here are a few ways a heat wave can wreak havoc on your plumbing, and how to prevent and repair these issues.

Clogged Drains & Disposals

Maybe the kids are home from school – or maybe you’re doing some backyard BBQs and entertaining friends. Either way, chances are your plumbing is getting used a lot more than normal.

One of the main reasons people call Bradley Mechanical to help with their plumbing is because a toilet or sink is stopped up. There are some at-home methods of unclogging your drains such as using boiling water, but you may need to do this a few times. For a more serious clog, a Bradley Mechanical technician can get out to you quickly. We know how important it is to keep your house running in the busy summer months.

Another reason people may give us a call is a clogged garbage disposal. Oftentimes these clogs occur after a big party or backyard cookout. Starchy and fatty foods such as meat scraps, bread, corn, and rice can easily clog a sink. Boiling water and chemical cleaners may be helpful, but you may need professional help if these steps don’t work. It’s important to avoid reaching down into your disposal for any reason.


Drains aren’t the only part of your plumbing that can suffer from stress and overuse. Swimming pools, sprinklers, garden hoses can all put the pressure on your plumbing and cause pipes to crack. If it hasn’t rained in a while, the ground under your house can also dry out — which can make your water main more susceptible to cracks or leaks.

Sometimes these leaks are as obvious as wet spots in your ceiling. Other indicators may be a significant increase in your water bill, continuous ticking coming from your water meter, and mold and mildew growth.

Structural Damage

Exploding pipes might only be on your mind in the winter time, but as the heat beats down on your home, pipes may expand and cause cracks and other damage.

It usually takes years for the UV rays to have this effect on your home, so it’s important to take the first signs of structural damage seriously. Cracked pipes and water mains can lead to expensive repairs — so give Bradley Mechanical a call, and we can make preventative changes to your plumbing.

Give Bradley Mechanical a Call Today!

Every second counts when it comes to plumbing repairs — as water damage can happen fast. That’s why Bradley Mechanical’s technicians don’t waste any time in getting to the source of the issue in your home. Give us a call today at 804-748-6728 to learn more about our repairs and installations.

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