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Protect Your Home from Lightning and Power Surges

lightning striking a tree causing a power surge

Lightning bolts strike the Earth’s surface about 100 times every single second. A single bolt can produce up to one billion volts of electricity. But lightning isn’t even the biggest danger to the electronics in our home. Almost 80 percent of power surges in the home we generate ourselves from back-up power generators, AC units and other appliances.

In a recent study of home owner’s insurance claims, more than $825 million was paid to over 100,000 claims due to lightning strikes and power surges. What is even more shocking (pun intended), in the past 10 years the average cost per residential damage claim has grown over 40 percent. This is most likely due to the increase of electronics we now have in our homes that are vulnerable to lightning and surge-related damage. Even your washer and dryer likely have circuit boards that can be damaged from a power surge. The number of claims is expected to rise with smart home components and home automation equipment becoming even more popular.

How many electronic devices do you have in your home currently unprotected? If you’re not certain your home is protected then here are a few ways Bradley Mechanical can help.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)

A ground fault circuit interrupter, or GFCI, is a breaker integrated into the outlet and is designed to shut off electricity in the event of a ground fault. It monitors the amount of current flowing and can trip the circuit within one-fortieth of a second if it detects an imbalance.

Dedicated Computer Circuits

Installed in the electrical box, a dedicated computer circuit has its own circuit breaker intended only for your computer system. A dedicated computer circuit makes sure your computer can access the energy it needs without overloading system causing power loss, a blown fuse or tripped breaker.

Whole House Surge Protection

A whole house surge protector only allows in the electricity your home needs and protects devices from overvoltage. It can also help protect from surges that can occur from within the home. Top-of-the-line solutions are very affordable and our trained technicians can have them installed quickly.

 Arc Fault Circuit Breakers (AFCI)

An arc fault happens when current flows through an unplanned path creating an unintended arc. This can create a fire hazard as some arcs can exceed temperatures of 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. There are many reasons an arc fault may occur – improper insulation, damaged extension cords, loose outlets or switches can all be culprits. An arc fault circuit breaker, or AFCI, works much like a GFCI where it monitors current and trips the circuit if an unwanted arcing condition is detected.

 With how dependent we are becoming on electronic devices, it’s a good idea to have them all protected. You can easily protect your home and devices by taking some simple precautions. Bradley Mechanical has a team of certified electricians serving residents of Central Virginia for all their electrical needs. Give them a call today at (804) 748-6728.