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Kohler 8.5kw Generator

Kohler 8.5kW Generators

Affordable, commercial-grade power for basic power needs. When a bad storm or utility failure knocks out your power, the 8.5RES KOHLER generator keeps your lights on, fridge cold, and sump pump working. This generator will power most appliances in smaller homes or a few critical items in larger homes.

Kohler 14kw Generator

Kohler 14 kW Generators

Kohler 14kW generators are popular for supplying back up power and working off the grid. They are ruggedly constructed and operate with no more noise than a typical outside A/C unit. The Kohler’s powerful Command Pro engine will run on both natural gas and liquid propane. The generator is available with wireless management systems and comes standard with a five year, 2000 hour warranty. When the lights go out, America depends on Kohler.

Kohler 20kw Generator

Kohler 20kW Generators

Kohler 20kW generators are our most popular model. Useful for supplying back up power and working off the grid, this model comes equipped with an Automatic Transfer Switch that turns on the generator immediately when grid power fails. It is powerful enough to run lights, appliances, home electronics and a 5 ton (60,000BTU) air conditioner easily. Powered by natural gas or liquid propane, our 20kW home generator makes no more noise than your central air conditioning.

Kohler 38kw Generator

38kW Generators

Reliable power for large residential or small business needs. When the power goes out during a bad storm or power failure, your 38 kW KOHLER generator with industrial-grade engine keeps your home or business – from central air to sump pump to personal computers – up and running.

Kohler enCUBE portable generator

Kohler enCUBE™ 

Skip the fuel and get quiet, portable power with enCUBE™ by Kohler. With features like optional solar panels and no engine enCUBE™ is your all purpose generator for indoors and outside. It is perfect for camping, tailgating, on the job or home outages.

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