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Sometimes Video Is Just Quicker And Easier

Learn about Carbon Monoxide, Hot Attic Solutions, Problem Testing, Attic Renovations, Duct Opportunities and more by simply watching a short video!

Why We Test, Instead Of Guess

If you are a homeowner serious about investing in a new system, we don’t just swing by and play guesswork with your hard earned money. We will first perform a thorough inspection, measurement, and testing of your home and duct system, as described in this Comfort Institute video – a $300 value at no charge or obligation.

You benefit because your new system will be the right size, really save energy and improve comfort and indoor air quality. We benefit by having a happier customer, greatly reduced warranty issues, and more referral business. (13:35 minutes)

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Duct System Problems And Opportunities

Bad ducts lower new equipment efficiency, and cause comfort, dust, allergy and high utility bill problems. Learn more about the problem, diagnostic testing, and how to improve an old duct system. (8:11 minutes)

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Hot Attic Solutions

Attic fans usually do more harm than good. Learn why, and what really does work to reduce heat gain from a hot summer attic. (4:29 minutes)

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Problem Testing

You don’t have to endure these common problems. Learn about the Home & Duct Performance Test, a diagnostic service that will uncover the true causes of your indoor environment problems, and what you can do about them. (8:32 minutes)

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When It Comes To Air Conditioning, Bigger Is Not Better

Thinking of replacing you old heating and cooling system?  Before you do, take advantage of a unique service that will make sure your new system really does save energy, keep your house comfortable and provide improved indoor air quality. (6:43 minutes)

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Attic Renovation

Learn the proper way to insulate your attic. Save money and energy, be more comfortable, and improve health by keeping contaminated insulation and dust out of your home. (4:38 minutes)

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The Silent Killer - Proper Co Detection Is Critical

Carbon monoxide is invisible odorless and poisonous and can be in any home. This is also known as CO, it is the most toxic chemical you come in contact with every day. (6:04 minutes)

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