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A Statement From Bradley Mechanical

Bradley Mechanical technicians are certified, professional, polite, and punctual. Our techs will diagnose the problem in a quick and efficient manner. We always examine the entire system as a whole. After the problem is found, we will continue to examine the system looking for anything that could cause a failure in the future. These issues will be brought to the homeowner’s attention and left to them to make the final decisions. Once all the issues are diagnosed, the tech will quote the repair/repairs to the homeowner using a flat rate price to ensure that the job costs what is quoted, no surprise charges. If anything comes up during the repair, the customer will be notified before our tech proceeds.

Calling Bradley Mechanical to do your service will be unlike any HVAC experience you have had in the past. We price on a flat rate pricing system, so if a job is quoted one price, it is going to remain that price even if it takes longer than expected. This takes the terror out of wondering how much this service call will cost you when it’s completed. Our techs are knowledgeable and professional, and most of all, honest. We will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing else. You don’t stay in business for 44 years and have a strong loyal customer base from being dishonest about repairs and problems that don’t even exist. We pride ourselves on honest high-quality work and have been delivering on that promise for many, many years.


The Most Important Part 

Bradley Mechanical Technician doing an installation

The most important day in the life of a heating and cooling system is the day of its install. Perfect install practices are what we execute on every installation. When we say perfect install practice, we mean there is more to it than just doing an aesthetically pleasing job. The processes in which the system comes together and the procedures used to put those pieces together surpass the visuals when it comes down to the performance and longevity of the system.

For example, we follow a 3-step process to ensure there are no contaminates inside the system. Step 1: When we braze in the outdoor and indoor coils, we purge the system with nitrogen to prevent oxidation inside the copper line set. This is VERY important because when there is oxygen present in the line set while brazing, oxidation occurs and is carried throughout the system causing restriction in the refrigerant flow. This lowers the efficiency due to clogging and gumming up in the compressor and expansion valves, which causes them to fail prematurely. Step 2: Pressurize the system with nitrogen to test the brazed joints for leaks. Pressurizing with nitrogen will continue to keep the system dry and clean of restrictions. Step 3: Ensure a proper vacuum has been pulled on the system. Most people will just hook up the vacuum pump and go about finishing up the job and then pull it off thinking it’s been on there long enough. The industry standard for vacuum pump down is 500 microns. This is determined by a micron gauge that is hooked up to your gauges. We surpass the industry standard and pull down 250-300 microns to ensure that the system is clean, leak free, and ready to be charged with refrigerant. We call this the purity process, and it is just the tip of the iceberg as to why our install procedure is superior to the competition.

Attic installations come standard with our Ceiling Saver Plus package. This consists of a high quality, 26-gauge soldered corner drain pan with an overflow float safety switch. Coming out of the drain on the indoor unit will be a clear EZ-Trap float switch with a brush to clear debris, making this the first line of defense against water damage in your attic. These components make up our Ceiling Saver Plus package, and with our semi-annual maintenance plan, we guarantee zero water damage from your HVAC unit in your attic or we will pay for the damages.

We also lay down a red carpet that will cover and protect your carpeted areas in the home or a white floor protector on your hardwood floors. All this and more comes standard with all of our installs.


Trust Bradley Mechanical

bradley mechanical technician repair

When your HVAC system is in need of repair, the first question on a homeowner’s mind is, “Who can I trust to fix it?” Picking an HVAC contractor is a strenuous process due mostly in part to all the dishonesty and lack of professionalism in our industry. Bradley Mechanical has been established since 1969, and for over 44 years, we have been performing top quality work, hiring only people who want to learn the proper procedures and are dedicated to doing the job right the first time. This mindset shows with Bradley Mechanical’s 98% customer satisfaction rating with the BBB for the last 9 years the highest on the east coast! Our technicians are professional, honest, certified, and polite.

Bradley Mechanical follows a simple but important motto, “Every Single Thing, Every Single Time.” This motto has been instilled in every member of the Bradley team from the moment they put on the uniform. When we are called out on a service call, our technicians will properly diagnose the problem and give the customer a flat rate price to make the repair. We use flat rate pricing so the consumer will have an exact repair quote before the job is done to prevent surprise charges. Many consumers have been a victim of the “extra charge” in the past. With Bradley Mechanical, the monkey business is over. Call us today to set up a stress-free service call performed by the best and brightest NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified technicians in the metro-tri city area.


Top Quality Equipment

Lennox Logo

There are many different companies that make heating and cooling equipment in the industry. Only one holds themselves to the same standards that we have for ourselves. Lennox produces the highest quality HVAC equipment on the market. The most technologically advanced and efficient equipment comes from Lennox, recently releasing a 25 SEER unit using icomfort™ technology. The icomfort™ technology allows the air handler, outdoor condenser, and thermostat to all communicate with each other. When the entire system works together it can adjust itself to become more efficient in any situation to increase comfort levels in your home. Forgot to turn off your system when going on a vacation? Well, with icomfort™ Wi-Fi, you can access your system from anywhere in the world via computer, tablet, or smart phone to make any changes you desire. This technology also will send any error codes and system malfunctions not only to the consumer, but to the dealer that installed the system. No more coming home to a hot or cold house due to a system error. At Bradley Mechanical, we will call you to notify you of the error and be ready to send a technician out at your request.

Lennox Systems

ESA (Energy Saving Agreement)

Bradley Mechanical ESA Member

Maintaining Your HVAC System Is Important

Preventive maintenance is one of the most important factors to keeping your HVAC system operating at optimal efficiency. Now that you have done the maintenance tune-up, everything should be clean and back to ideal condition, right? This is where you could be wrong, many companies offer a tune-up, but only a few actually clean the equipment.

Energy Savings Agreement

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