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Owners and Executives

Dempsey Bradley


Bradley Mechanical started with one man and one truck, delivering the highest quality work seen in the industry. Dempsey set the foundation of quality and honesty into the bricks that built Bradley Mechanical. With his 61 years of experience and expertise in boilers, people from near and far call on him for his help. Pride, hard work, and professionalism is his motto and it shines brighter than ever today, 45 years since the doors first opened in 1969.

Brad Bradley


Brad started in the HVAC industry when he was 13 years old. His passion is great for the industry and he has gone on to gain every certification and master license in the business. 40 years and counting, Brad has set the highest standards in the industry with his vast knowledge and professional skill in the HVAC business. You can’t spell Bradley Mechanical without Brad.

Gayle Bradley


From day one in 1969, when the doors of Bradley Mechanical opened, Gayle has been there answering phones, paying bills, scheduling jobs, and so much more. Dempsey couldn’t have kept the doors open without Gayle to handle the day-to-day operations in the office.

Service Department

Joel Walls

Service Manager / Lead Tech

Joel has been in the HVAC service industry for 14 years and holds every major certification in the business. The past 7 years he has been our lead technician and took the role of service manager in 2013 to help instill his expertise and knowledge in every technician we have.

Chad Cox

Service Tech

Joshua Blankenship

Service Tech

Ryan Shaw

Service Tech

Steven Porter

Service Tech

Steven Sieg

Service Tech

John Parlier

Service Tech

Jon-Paul Weedon

Service Tech

Matt Patrick

Service Tech

Ethan Ayers

Service Tech

Max Collins

Service Tech

Chris Burke

Service Tech Apprentice

Installation Department

Brandon Martin

Install Manager

Brandon has been in the HVAC industry for 14 years. During that time he spent 10 years installing HVAC equipment, 4 years doing service repair and he also acquired his Journeyman and Master cards for HVAC.

Our Installation Crews

Eric Mead

Lead Installer

Korey Kitchen


William Gerber

Lead Installer

Josh Trezza


Rusty Bishop

Lead Installer

Drew Hacker


Tony Jordan

Lead Installer

Tyler Boykin


Josh Smith

Lead Installer

Hunter Warren


Plumbing Department

Mike Bates

Master Plumber

Mike Bates is one of the most experienced plumbers in the area with over 30 years of experience and field testing knowledge. Mike has held a Journeyman’s card since 1989 and just a few years later in 1992 he became a Master Plumber and Gas Fitter. These are the highest certifications in the plumbing field, which ensures our customers that when Mike is on the job, he will fix it correctly and in a timely fashion.

Michael Wilburn


Preston Bass Sr.


Cody Grey


Corey Norris


Electrical Department

Jimmy Maxey Jr.

Master Electrican

Jimmy Maxey has been in the electrical field for 17 years. He has held his Journeyman's Card since 2010 and has also held his Masters since 2014. Jimmy has been in all areas of the trade; anywhere from wiring residential new construction, industrial, commercial and of course general service work. With the experience that Jimmy brings to the job, Bradley Mechanical is confident in being able to provide quality electrical services.

Cole LaPrade

Electrican Apprentice

Jimmy Maxey III

Electrican Apprentice

Home Performance & Fabrication Department

Darryl McCaulley

Performance Manager

Neil Comparetto

Performance Specialist

Hunter Cash

Lead Installer

Gentry Rijs-Terrero


Troy Lumpkin

Master Metal Fabricator

Office Staff And Support Team

Sue Bradley

Office Manager

Jacob Bradley

Operations Manager

Jason Manes

Sales Executive

Jaron Vaughn

Sales Executive

Shane Pipper

Warehouse & Delivery

Justin Lee

Warehouse Manager

Kathie Cash

Warranty Specialist

Sarah Rannick


Rachael Morse

CSR / Maint. Manager

Jessica New

CSR / Service Dispatch

Chelsea Lee

Transition Manager

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