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Spring is the Time to Rejuvenate Your HVAC System

spring is the time to rejuvenate your HVAC system

Spring has sprung and it is time to enjoy the fresh air it brings. It also means it is time to rejuvenate your HVAC system after the long cold months you have spent hibernating indoors. Taking a few simple steps to update and maintain your HVAC system can help get it ready to perform during the warmer months ahead.

Change your air filters.

Seasons change and so should your air filters. After spending more time indoors during the winter months, air filters are definitely due to be replaced come spring. Depending on the amount of use, air filters should be changed every 30 to 90 days. Air filters are vital to keeping the air in your home clean. Also, dirty air filters can be making your air dirty and causing your HVAC system to work harder due to poor airflow. Make it a habit to check your air filters every month and change them no longer than every three months.

Clear around the outdoor unit.

Have you ever taken a good look at your condensing unit? It’s the HVAC equipment outside of your house. Every now and then it needs to be inspected for damage or blockage. During the winter months, trash, debris, and overgrown foliage could have found their way near the unit. This could reduce your HVAC system’s performance and increase your heating and cooling costs during the spring and summer.

Clearing a minimum 2-foot area around the condensing unit can help prevent any issues. Indoors, make sure the vents and air handlers are free of any blockage as well. Keeping the air flowing freely is key to your HVAC system performing its best.

Seal your ducts.

It is estimated around 20-30% of conditioned air escapes a home’s ductwork through cracks and gaps. Sealing and insulating your ducts can greatly help reduce that air loss. Research has shown more than 60% of homes in America have these kinds of issues with their ductwork. If you suspect your HVAC system may be losing airflow, Bradley Mechanical can perform an air leakage evaluation to help determine the source of your problem.

Upgrade your thermostat.

A quick, convenient, and cost-effective way to upgrade the performance of your HVAC system is to install a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats can learn your heating and cooling habits, automatically adjust accordingly, and even offer energy tips and reports. If you own a business, you may even qualify for a rebate incentive for making energy efficiency improvements. Bradley Mechanical can help you select the thermostat that is right for your home and our certified technicians can easily install it.

Want to give your HVAC system some spring cleaning? We recommend you have your HVAC system professionally inspected and serviced twice a year. Routine maintenance helps your system to operate at its peak performance, reducing wear and tear thus extending the life of your HVAC equipment. Give the experts of Bradley Mechanical a call at (804) 748-6728. Our trained technicians have been serving Central Virginia homes and businesses for over 50 years.