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Is Your Home Struggling to Stay Cool?

setting a thermostat to 66 degrees

Insulation is a dense, thick material — so it most of us think of it as a layer for keeping out the cold in the winter time. However, insulation also plays a vital role in keeping your home cool in the summer. As your AC pumps cool air into your house, insulation acts as a barrier to keep it from leaking out. So you can imagine that poor insulation equals high energy bills and a hot house.

Maybe you installed fiberglass insulation when you first moved into your house, yet over the years the fluffy pink material can settle and become less effective. The material can lead to other drawbacks as cuts in the fiberglass batts can lead to thermal bridging.

Here are 4 signs your insulation is failing:

  1. Changing Indoor Temperatures - If you experience several different temperatures as you walk through your home, that’s a good sign that your home is under-insulated. It’s possible that the insulation has shifted and opened gaps that let in hot summer air.
  2. High Energy Bills - Like we mentioned before, poor insulation will make your AC work overtime, causing your energy bills to inflate. Even if you don’t notice changes in your home’s temperature, you’ll definitely notice when your energy bills go up.
  3. Critters in your home - Nothing’s worse than finding bugs, and especially rodents in your home. You might wonder how these pests got in even with doors and windows closed. It is most likely because of the tiny insulation gaps around doorways and windows. These openings are also how warm air enters and your cold air escapes.
  4. Water Leaks - Summertime doesn’t just mean heat, it also means rain and thunderstorm. Just as gaps in insulation can let in hot air, it can also let water in. If you are experiencing leaks that don’t seem to be coming from a pipe, insulation may well be the culprit. Water damage scares every homeowner as it can lead to costly issues such as mold issues.

Other energy facts to remember this summer:

  • Nearly 25 percent of a home’s cool air escapes through the roof and attic
  • A home can lose up to 35 percent of cool air through walls
  • Windows cause 25 percent of home air loss
  • Insulation is 3x more important than windows or doors when it comes to retaining indoor air

Bradley Mechanical Offers Insulation Services in Richmond and Central Virginia

If you’ve noticed any of the above signs in your home, it’s time to give Bradley Mechanical a call. We can assess your current insulation to come up with the best solution for you. We are known for providing a thorough installation that prioritizes the best methods, equipment, and products to create insulation that lasts. Because any gap in insulation can allow air to escape, we take care to be precise in our installation.

Call us today at 804-748-6728 to learn more about our insulation services. We use a flat rate price to ensure that the job costs what is quoted with no surprise charges.

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