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At Bradley Mechanical, air duct sealing is an integral part of your HVAC system which ensures the airflow in your home or business is comfortable, efficient, and safe. The average home or business loses roughly 30% to 40% of the heated or cooled air that passes through their ducts because of faulty or improper installation and sealing. More often than not, this is due to lesser quality materials used to seal ductwork like duct tape. Over time, duct tape loses its adhesiveness due to changing temperatures, moisture, and other common elements that it comes in contact with. Also because buildings settle over time and shift, this can also cause the adhesive from the tape to come free from the ductwork. When this occurs it creates leaking in your ductwork. As more air escapes and moisture continues to come in contact with the exposed underside of the tape, it will cause the leak to grow. When situations like this occur, it exposes you to a list of problems.

First, leaking in your ductwork causes inefficient heating and cooling. This means it takes more from your system to properly heat and cool your home or business. As a result of a system having to work even harder to provide you comfort, it will undoubtedly lead your HVAC system to fail prematurely. This is, in turn, can lead to costly repairs or even force you into a situation where you have to replace the entire unit.

Second, exposed ventilation ductwork and leaking can also cause moisture to be pulled from the air surrounding your duct work and forced into your living or work space. This can create insulation damage, wood rot, and even structural damage that can lead to some serious safety issues.

Third and most importantly, ductwork that leaks, may expose you to serious health risks. Because when ductwork is exposed it can draw or pull outside contaminants like dust, insulation, and even asbestos from the insulation surrounding the leak. Once it pulls these pollutants in it then is pumped into your home or business where you are constantly breathing it in. This over time can cause serious health issues within your lungs that can become fatal.

This is why having Bradley Mechanical seal your ducts is your best bet. We do not use substandard products to seal your ducts. We use a bonding agent called Mastic, which is a flexible paste applied to the joints, connections, and taps of your ductwork. This way over time, no matter the conditions, settling, or shifting of your home or business, it will maintain that seal and prevent any future leaks. Once the installation is complete, we will also test your ductwork to ensure your system efficiently distributes air throughout your home or business and does not contain any leaks that can create future problems. So call today for more information!

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