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Attic Sealing

Seal Your Attic and Lower Your Costs

At Bradley Mechanical we offer a variety of home performance services in the Central Virginia area. If you’re facing high heating or cooling costs — attic sealing could be a great solution. Our trained technicians will create tight, impenetrable insulation in your attic to keep your temperatures level.

Why Seal the Attic?

Attics are optimal places to perform air sealing. Since warm air rises up due to the “chimney effect” and cold air is pulled low — attics are where problems are likely to occur. As the volume of warm air rises, it is replaced by either cold dry air in the winter or hot humid air in the summer. As this warm, moist air rises and touches the roof it condenses and turns from vapor into a liquid. This moisture can negatively affect the air quality and structure of the building. You may experience wetting or mildew on roof decks and exposed metal surfaces.

How to Detect Leakage

Usually, a good way to test if your attic is letting out air and creating moisture is to inspect the places where it is most likely to occur. Look at the insulation, if it is even a bit discolored then it is acting as a filter, meaning that leaking is occurring in both directions. Most fibrous insulations will slow down heat, but they do not stop air movement. This leakage can occur at major sites such as plumbing and wire chases, recessed lights, chimneys, or dropped soffits.

The Effects of Leakage

Attic leakage can drive up heating and cooling costs, cause drafts/comfort issues, and negatively impact the air quality of spaces below. Sometimes, air carrying moisture can have damaging effects that are more pronounced in summer and winter.

Other spots in the home may contribute to attic leakage. Unvented bath fans can allow warm, moist air to reach the cold roof and cause a wetting event. When the summer comes, the cold air from unsealed ducts or boots can rise to the attic, drive up moisture, and cause even more wetting events and mildew. Air sealing can effectively reduce maintenance costs and greatly improve the ultimate long durability of the structure.

Get in touch with Bradley Mechanical to learn more about our attic sealing service.

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