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Combustion Analysis

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Are Sparks Flying? Get A Combustion Analysis.

home performance tests combustion analysis

Bradley Mechanical is dedicated to the safety of residents and homeowners in Central Virginia. Our combustion analysis service can determine if your home has combustion hazards.

Combustion Hazards in the Home

For combustion to occur, three things need to be present: oxygen, fuel, and an ignition. Take any of these three away and combustion can’t happen. The moment a carbon-based fuel is added to the mix, there is a higher concern for a fire hazard.

Each fuel has a different energy content that changes depending on whether it’s burned via a furnace, boiler, stove or fireplace. All fuel-burning appliances should be served regularly with any fuel lines and all flues should be inspected.

It’s also important to keep an eye on natural gasses and propane. Hard fuels like wood, wood pellets, and coal burned in an open and uncontrolled process and need closer monitoring and servicing.

Risks To Residents

CO poses the greatest risk to occupants aside from fires. Bradley Mechanical’s combustion analysis will include an inquiry from a certified building scientist who can identify if there are combustion appliances in the home and if functioning CO/smoke detectors are present. Even exposure to low levels of CO can be harmful and cause dizziness and flu-like symptoms. If you actively use a fireplace, we will determine that all the harmful products are actually going up the chimney. Sometimes a visual inspection by a trained eye can flag potential issues.

Get in touch with Bradley Mechanical to learn more about having a combustion analysis completed in your home.

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