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Duct Leakage Test

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Does Your Home Need A Duct Leakage Test?

Duct Leakage Testing

At Bradley Mechanical, we know the discomfort that leaking ducts can cause in a home. Our HVAC specialists can help determine the cause of leakage with one of three tests: a flow hood with a blower door running, a duct blaster (a miniature fan hooked to the duct system), or by using a subtraction method with a blower door. These tests can detect capacity loss, leakage volume, and overall system efficiency. Once we’ve determined the cause and size of the problem, we then work together with the homeowner to come up with the best plan of action.

What Causes Duct Leakage

Pressurized duct systems began with the advent of air conditioning. With this great comfort came unintended building performance issues. Air conditioning takes cold air off the floor in winter and warm air off the ceilings in the summers, but if concentrated in one room, the home can depressurize. The pushing and pulling of unsealed ductwork can also affect indoor air quality. Depending on the spaces your ducts run through, air quality could be affected by fiberglass, dander, lint, dirt, dust, construction debris, moisture, and VOCs.

Consequences Of Duct Leakage

Duct leakage directly impacts the efficiency of your home. These leakages can drop your system’s capacity to deliver hot or cold air. The most serious consequence of duct leakage is when there are large leaks near combustion appliances that exhaust harmful gasses. If these return leaks are strong enough they can pull down by-products of exhaust and distribute it throughout the home, creating a risk for occupants.

In instances of duct leakage, we may find it appropriate to run a static pressure test, which is essentially a blood pressure measurement of the HVAC system. This will let our technicians know if it is not necessary to seal the duct, which could cause the coils to overheat or freeze.

Get in touch with Bradley Mechanical to learn more about conducting a Duct Leakage Test in your home.

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